1 on 1 Health Coaching

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Are you ready to commit to real change? Having someone to guide you and be accountable to can make a WORLD of difference.

In a coaching relationship, we work together to figure out what works for you. If you can only keep up a certain diet for a week, that diet doesn’t work for you. If you feel totally overwhelmed or exhausted by an exercise plan, that plan doesn’t work for you. Together, we will work together to find out what does work for you, because there is something out there for everyone. We’ve just got to take the time and energy to figure out what that is.

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30 Minute Discovery Call Free (with no obligation)                            

90 Day Transformation   $500

We’ll spend 3 months doing the full primal health coaching program. Package includes an hour and a half intro call and weekly follow-up calls and email. Together we’ll design goals and a plan that is constantly evolving to perfectly fit your needs and personality.     


30 Day Health Journey $200

Through weekly calls and emails, we’ll spend one-month designing and evolving goals and a solid nutrition and exercise plan to get you on the right path to amazing health.                   


In Person Add-Ons (Within 25 Miles of Central Los Angeles)

Pantry Purge $100

I’ll go through your whole pantry and fridge and help you figure out what healthy food to keep, and what unhealthy food to donate.

Grocery Visit  $75

We’ll go to your local grocery store together and find all the healthy foods they offer.