No it’s Not Just Woo Woo
If you’re one of those people who thinks Mantras and Affirmations and ‘The Secret’ and Manifesting and all that is just a bunch of woo woo BS – I FEEL YOU. I do. I was once like you. And frankly, I do not there is any universal thingy making these things happen. But they do work and they work because you make them happen. Which is why they are an important part of starting and maintaining a major lifestyle change – like eating a Paleo diet.

Changing that Voice in Your Head
Everybody has it. That inner voice in your head that scares you. Tells you you’re not good enough. Convinces you that it’s OK to eat the pizza. That things are too hard. That you can’t change. That voice is your biggest opponent between the life you have and the life you want. You can try to silence it through meditation and mindfulness. And I think everyone should practice meditation and mindfulness – but that little voice is not easy to silence. Even the most zen of us struggle to get it to STFU. So instead of just silencing it, why don’t you change it to something more helpful??? This is where affirmations and mantras come in. If you do them correctly, they will replace those crappy unhealthy voices in your head, with positive, helpful, healthy voices that will help you achieve your dreams!

Turning Impossible into Automatic
Let’s look an example of that voice in your head stopping you from your health goals: You’ve tried a ton of diets before. Heck, you’ve even tried the supposedly easily sustainable Paleo diet. But you’re struggling to stick to it. Through some serious thinking and self-discovery, you’ve realized that voice in your head is saying “I can’t stay on a diet, it’s too hard!” Ack. Well no wonder you can’t stay on a diet, your brain is CONVINCED that it’s too hard. Deep down, on some level, you know you are capable of staying on your diet. Now you just have to reprogram that voice in your head to believe it too. How do you do this? Advertising. For your brain.

I Love What You Do For Me – My Mantra!
I work in advertising. There’s a million different ways people can advertising a product. But one thing is for sure in this biz – repetition is key. How many old ad slogans can you repeat from memory right now? A bajillion, right? Because it works. Hearing the same phrase over and over in your brains makes it a part of your brain. So choose to add some good ‘slogans’ – AKA affirmations and mantras, to that list of useless ad slogans in your brain. Then on top of loving what a Toyota can do for you, you will also start believing in all the things you capable of, and finally actually ACCOMPLISHING them. For example, let’s say your chosen affirmation is: “I love to eat healthy, nourishing food for every meal.” You say this phrase multiple times a day. You’ve got it on your fridge, your bathroom mirror, your desktop, your phone wallpaper. Every time you see it, you repeat it to yourself, OUTLOUD. Pretty soon, that “Dieting is too hard” voice has been completely replaced by this new affirmation. Now I’m not saying you won’t still need to put effort into staying on your diet, but getting rid of those self defeating voices in your brain will be an enormously powerful into your dieting efforts.

How to Create Your Own
First a quick definition – affirmations are lines you want to reprogram your brain into believing. They are positive, single focused, quick and easy to recite. “I enjoy eating healthy foods that nourish by body.” Mantras are like giving yourself super fast, short directions – power through, never give up, protein first. I prefer affirmations, but doing either, or both, can be very effective.

It’s not difficult to create a zillion affirmations or mantras. The hard part is picking ones that will work and that you believe in.If you write a line but every time you say it out loud, it sounds like total BS, you don’t believe in it. Keep tweaking it until it sounds like something real and doable to you. As far as what your line should be – that’s also trickier. First you want to figure out what that voice in your head is saying that’s messing you up and keeping you from achieving your health goals. Then you FLIP It on its head with a positive affirmation.

Bad voice in head:
I’m too weak to stay on a diet.
Staying on a healthy diet is easy for me.

You keep saying that affirmation in your head, and you will literally start believing that staying on your diet is easy. I may seem crazy. But it works. Just TRY IT. You can can just type it out, print it and put it all over the house. Or you can make it pretty. The featured image for this blog was made in like 2 seconds for free using and one of their free templates.

Here is a list of Mantras and Affirmations to use as inspiration.

Woo Woo or Not, It Works
Whether you believe it religion, spirituality, some university force, or purely science, all you need to know is, this works. I prefer to believe it works because it’s reprogramming your brain, changing your attitude, and giving you new confidence and belief in yourself to accomplish things you never before thought possible. But if you prefer to belief in some other force making this stuff happen, that’s great too. Just as long as you BELIEVE it works, and put in the effort, it will work. You tell yourself whatever you need to believe it works. Then do it already! Your healthier future self is waiting for you!